You also need a lot of money to decorate your home. But you can do your home makeover without spending much money using a little creativity and imagination.

Decorating your home requires a lot of money over time. But using a little creativity and imagination can makeover your home without spending much money.


If you are thinking of replacing old furniture, then stop, you can use these old table chairs for another use. You can use an old chair like a bedside table, or a cane stool that has a hole in it can be covered with a tray or plastic paper and put reading lamps, flower beds or alarm clock on it.

Hang Plates

Take wire plate hangers and decorate plates of different colors and sizes on it. This will give your boring and plane wall a dramatic look.

Decorate the house naturally

Put fresh flowers in flower beds in the house or decorate pebble stones and oysters brought from the middle of one corner of the living room. You can fill a new life in a quiet corner of your house by filling sand in different sizes of conch or empty glass.

Enhance the beauty of the house with candles

Candles are not necessarily always lit for illumination. By placing them in an empty part of the house, you can also increase the beauty of that place. Place candles of different colors and sizes on an empty table and then see how good your house will look.

Experiment with colors

If you are thinking about decorating any corner of the house but cannot find a good idea, then take some petting and hang it on the wall, along with that the beauty of your house will also increase.

Instead of buying an expensive painting to decorate the wall with an old frame, you can use anything like printed wallpaper, hand-made painting, patch work. In the living room and study room, this kind of experiment will be quite a waste.

Five best ways to decorate the house with old things

  • Old bags: Do not throw away the old bags but instead give them a new look and decorate your favorite photo on the wall. If you wish, you can also use artificial flowers to decorate it. If you want, you can also prepare a vertical garden with the help of a lot of bags.
  • Old glass bottles: We often throw away old glass bottles. But if you want, you can use them to decorate the house. With the help of old wool and fevicol you can give a new look to these bottles and use them as a flower pot.


  • Old Drawer: If you have an old drawer in your house, the time has come to take out that useless drawer lying idle in the store. If you want, you can use it as a corner. You can decorate them on these drawers by cleaning the useless vase and antique pieces and decorating them a bit.
  • Old Boxes: Even if no one uses old and heavy boxes now, but if you want, you can use old boxes to give a new look to the house. You can decorate them in the corner of the house by painting on old boxes, or you can also give it an attractive look by doing metal work.

Small changes

  • If you want newness in the house, then make changes in small things. Like you change cushion covers, table runners, bed sheets, curtains etc. Also, choose such cushion covers, table runners, bed sheets, curtains for the house that add color to the house as well as be slightly different and funky.
  • If you have plants at home, then paint them with many colors or you can also make a design on them. It looks great.
  • If it is not possible for you to change the flowers every other day in the house, then you can also use fake flowers for decoration. They are also cheap and you can wash them and use them again and again.