You hope you will never be in an accident, but you never know when the unexpected will happen. From crazy drivers in parking lots to dangerous conditions on the highway, there are plenty of reasons why even responsible car owners need to have their vehicles repaired.

Whether you are looking for transmission repair at an affordable cost in Old Bridge NJ or a new paint job in Chicago IL, your first step will be to find a great garage. A quality body shop or repair centre should be able to take your damaged car, truck or SUV and make it not only look like new but drive like new as well.

Here is a look at some of the most common repairs for body shops around the country. If you have been the victim of an accident, you need to seek out a quality body shop as soon as possible.

Bumper Repairs

Whether you are backing up or moving forward, the bumper is the first thing that touches another surface. Misjudging the distance to a stationary object or another vehicle could severely damage the bumper of the vehicle and lead to a costly repair.

Fortunately, most good body shops are well equipped to repair even the most extensive bumper damage. Whether you have a dent in your bumper or need a total replacement, a quality body shop should be able to make your vehicle look like new.

Side Panel Damage

Many front and rear collisions are side impacts and that could leave your car’s side panel looking a little worse for wear. In the old days, many body shops could simply pop out these types of dents, but modern anybody designs often make that impossible.

If your car, truck or SUV has suffered a side impact, it is important to have the body shop evaluate the damage and determine what parts you will need to complete the repair. Once the parts are on order, the body shop will take it from there and leave your vehicle looking just as good as it did before the accident.

Cracked and Peeling Paint

In a perfect world the coat of paint your new car came with would last a lifetime. In the real world, constant sunlight, snow and ice and bird droppings can really take their toll.

If your car runs like new but no longer looks like it, a fresh coat of paint may be just what you need. A good body shop can repaint your entire vehicle or just touch up areas where the paint has started to crack, fade or peel.